Appointment Preparation:

Dirt Doctors Pressure Washing knows that your time is valuable and we strive to offer you the best service possible.

We reserve a designated date just for you because keeping your home clean and providing good customer service is important to us, which is why we ask you to make sure everything is prepared for your upcoming services.

Preparation List*: (to be completed prior to techs arriving)

1. Prior to our technicians arriving, please take a look around your home and areas to be washed. Inspect those areas carefully, looking for any damages prior to services. For example: Cracks, holes or damages in your siding.

2. Make sure to bring in or move away any items including but not limited to outdoor home decor, wreaths, garden flags, string lights (Christmas lights), hanging plants, patio furniture cushions, etc. from any areas to be serviced.

3. Please bring in any outdoor pets that are close to the home or areas to be serviced. Our chemical is safe for plants and animals but we do not recommend that your pet have access to drink the water/chemical mix that may run or pool near the home during the wash. Also, our techs do not enter fences that have unsecured pets inside unless directly specified by the homeowner. We will not be responsible for pets getting out of the fence or for our techs getting bitten during services.

4. Please move any patio furniture or grills away from home or areas to be serviced. For example: patios, decks and screened in porches.

5. Please ensure that any vehicles are parked inside your garage or moved away from the home and areas to be washed.

6. Please make sure your driveway has a clear path with no vehicles in the way for our truck to properly and easily access your home. Dirt Doctors will not be responsible for chemical spray on vehicles parked too close to your home or areas to be washed.

7. Please make sure your garage door is shut unless you have requested your garage floor to be cleaned. If you have requested your garage floor to be cleaned, please make sure all items have been removed from the service area.

8. If you have concerns that your plants/shrubs may be damaged by our chemical, we recommend that you cover them with plastic prior to the technicians arriving. We rinse uncovered plants/shrubs before and after services to prevent chemical residue left on them. Our chemicals have not been known to damage plants/shrubs but we understand any precautions you may prefer to take.

9. Please make sure our techs have easy access to your water spigots. We do come with water in our tank but must hook up to your water in order to maintain water pressure. If water is supplied solely by Dirt Doctors, an additional 25% fee will be charged to invoice.

*Any items the tech(s) have to move will be placed on your lawn and will not be moved back. Items like outdoor home decor, wreaths, garden flags, patio furniture cushions, etc. are not moved back to avoid any chance of discoloration or damages. We do not remove string/Christmas lights. If items have not been moved prior to services, you may be asked to reschedule to later in the day or the next available appointment. This will likely be considered as a cancellation. Please see our Cancellation Policy for further information on this. (When given advanced notice, Dirt Doctors will assist with moving small items for handicapped customers who are unable to move them. We must be notified in advance, so that we can allow sufficient time for our techs to assist with removing items and accomplish the service without causing delays in our schedule.)

After Services:

1. Please take a look around your home and areas washed to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. We want every customer to be satisfied with our services.

2. Please make sure you check your gates before releasing your pet(s) back into outdoor fences. Our techs are consistent in making sure gates are latched behind them properly. However, a gate may seem shut and latched but, should your gate mechanisms be faulty or difficult to latch properly, our techs may not be aware.

3. We recommend that you check your outdoor electrical outlets. Why? Occasionally, water may seep into your outdoor outlets if it is not sealed properly or if the seal is old, cracked or damaged. If it is a GFCI outlet (which is likely), it may cause some indoor outlets to temporarily stop working as well. No worries! It is doing what it is designed to do!  These outlets are on a GFCI circuit designed to "trip" the circuit to prevent fires or other major issues that may be caused by a disruption in the electrical flow. If this happens, to reset the GFCI outlet, locate the outlet with the GFCI reset button & push the reset button. If that does not fix the issue, check your breaker box to see if one has tripped.

4. We do come with water in our tank but must hook up to your water in order to maintain water pressure. Please check your outdoor spigots to ensure they are tightly closed after service. Our techs do make sure they are turned off but it is easy to overlook dripping when the water was recently on, and spigots can loosen back open slightly if they are difficult to shut off properly. Dirt Doctors cannot be responsible for water loss due to broken or damaged spigots that are at no fault of Dirt Doctors.

**Please contact our office within 7 days after service with any questions or concerns. Any damages reported or corrections needed within this time, and found to be at the fault of Dirt Doctors, will be reviewed for resolution. We will not be held reliable for anything reported after 7 days**

If you have any questions regarding the Appointment Preparation, please contact our office and speak with one of the Dirt Doctors office staff.

Thank you.