Dirt Doctors Pressure Washing in Smithfield, NC 


Serving Eastern NC since 1995.

We are a locally owned and operated pressure washing company. We have the knowledge, equipment and skill set to provide timely, cost effective solutions for all your pressure washing, concrete cleaning, gutters and wood stripping. 


Founded by and still owned by Michael Johnson, we have pledged a commitment of quality, affordability and satisfaction. We believe in treating each and every property as if it were our own.


Low Pressure Power Washing 

Power washing is NOT just blasting a surface until it appears clean, this illusion has cost homeowners and insurance companies countless dollars in repair and replacement costs. Trust your investment to a reputable, insured and experienced pressure washing contractor. Don't risk property damage or even self injury by doing it yourself! Trust the pros!


Detergents, Buffers, Soaps, Cleansers 

Professional pressure washing is much more than owning expensive trailer mounted equipment and having a good marketing strategy. Word of mouth is powerful! You must be able to deliver consistent results in a vast array of applications. This is where knowledge of professional detergents and soaps comes in to play. More often than not a professional is NOT relying on damaging pressure to achieve breathtaking results. It is all about using the correct chemical blends to EFFICIENTLY and SAFELY clean your home and the surfaces surrounding your property.